• Mixer feeder

Mixer feeder is a widely used device in the livestock industry.

Farmers use it to mix their livestock rations and feed! This device is divided into different types of fixed and portable.

What is the reason for using mixed foods for livestock?

Some young farmers who do not have much experience in the field of animal husbandry, the question arises for them why should they buy a feeder mixer to mix animal feed? What are the benefits of mixed food? If you do not know the answer to these questions, it is better to read more about the benefits of mixed feed for livestock.

Livestock needs a special diet to produce quality products and lactation. These

days, with the industrialization of everything, we can give him complete animal feed to have quality livestock products. The feeder mixer mixes a variety of fodder, grains, minerals, proteins, vitamins, and provides a complete meal with a variety of nutritional supplements needed for rapid growth.

Balanced and controlled diet:

Human errors are always there! If you leave the task of dividing animal feed to one human, you will probably find that sometimes one animal has more food than another. Nor can the exact proportions of minerals and dietary supplements be precisely controlled.

The feeder-mixer ensures that you reach each livestock in an equal proportion of the ration with a controlled amount so that you do not have to worry about this.

Loss of ability to select cows for their diet type:

With the feeder mixer, cows can no longer choose their rations. Choosing a diet by livestock can bring many problems and challenges

Reduce manpower costs:

Once you have an automation system, you no longer need to hire large numbers of workers. The machine works with more efficiency and effectiveness instead of all your manpower.

Maximizing oral consumption and increasing milk production is one of the most important benefits of using a mixed diet. As a result, your income will increase.

Reduction of fodder waste up to 90%:

Forage waste is always discussed by farmers and they are dissatisfied with its large volume. Large volumes of forage that are discarded as waste can be greatly reduced by using a feed mixer.

Reduce veterinary costs:

Veterinary medicine and its related costs are usually among the heavy costs of a livestock farm. These costs are usually due to the lack of proper nutrition and livestock. Properly fed animals can live healthier and healthier lives. By having a feeder-mixer, you can drastically reduce the cost of veterinary medicine.

Increased milk fat:

Proper nutrition of cattle increases the fat content of milk produced by cows and increases its value. Proper nutrition that you can consider using a feeder mixer for your animals can increase the fat content of milk produced by 2 to 4 percent, which is a significant amount.

Increase milk production up to two kilograms per day:

Any cow that is better fed and consumes all the supplements it needs can provide more milk to its owner. By mixing a variety of diets, you can help the animal gain two kilograms more milk per day, which is a very significant amount.

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