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after sales service :
After-sales service is a commitment made by Karen Animal Husbandry Group to meet the needs of customers for support and to make them loyal.

After-sales service unit of Karen Animal Husbandry Group consists of:

1. Warranty unit:

Preparation and compilation of warranty instructions in which the executive process of providing services and warranty to customers is performed by the company.

2. Technical support unit:

One of the main tasks of after-sales service units is to provide technical advice to customers. This unit has the task of identifying customers’ technical needs and providing the necessary solutions to meet them.

3. Technical training unit:

The main task of this unit is to transfer technical knowledge from the technical units of this organization and turn it into a simpler language to customers.

4. central Repair Shop :

In order to provide higher quality services, devices that have technical problems are criticized by the central repair shop so that the problem can be solved in the shortest time and delivered to dear customers.

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