• Fixed milking machine

• For easier washing of fixed milking machines, special jets are used that automatically wash the machine after finishing milking, so the machine is consumed in each period with complete hygiene.

Record fixed milking features

• The speed of this milking machine is very high in milking, also the machine has reduced the need for other equipment in livestock halls, which is a factor in reducing costs.
• After milking, this device directs the milk directly to the milk tank or milk cooler to cool the milk and prevent its loss. In fact, the milk can be transferred to the tank or milk cooler through a pump.
• At the request of the consumer, a fixed milking machine can be equipped with a massage pulsator, the use of this piece causes the animal to be massaged before and after milking, which has an impact on the health of the animal.

The tank used in fixed milking is made of vacuum steel or aluminum, the choice of material is formed according to the consumer’s request. This tank keeps the milk completely hygienic, so the milk can be marketed without worrying about poor hygiene. Offered milk distribution centers.
• Fixed record milk and Karen Company can be installed in the middle of the milking hole, in this case, the pump is usually placed at suitable distances from the hole (slightly above the hole) to make milking operations easier.

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