Our goal is the possibility of sustainable production of livestock equipment. As a knowledge and innovation company, we are constantly striving to help ranchers get better results by providing the world’s leading feeding equipment and milking solutions.

Server the farmers

Karen animal Husbandry Group, with the help of God Almighty and the strong will of managers, experts and based on its many years of experience in the production of various agricultural machinery that increases productivity and reduces production costs to the large community of farmers. The senior managers of this factory produce their products with the best quality and provide decent services to farmers by providing spare parts and after-sales service.

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From automatic milking machines to producing the most up-to-date farm and livestock equipment to help ranchers manage their entire herd. At Karen, we provide an opportunity to grow and change your livestock and agriculture.

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Animal welfare is the most important factor on the farm

Animal welfare is vital in any high-consumption dairy farm, as it is in the world’s largest industrial farms. At Karen Livestock Group, our team works every day to ensure that the cows are in good condition and treated in the best possible way. Everyone who knows Karen knows that Karen is very interested in animal welfare, and when it comes to what she loves most, only the comfort of the cows on the farm is important. Increases daily dairy production and increases the useful life of cows.

Automation is the key to sustainable food production

The world’s population is growing. According to the United Nations, it is expected to increase by 2 billion in the next 30 years, from 7.7 billion today to 9.7 billion in 2050. We do not know at this time how we can feed everyone. Karen is one of the leading companies in the dairy sector.
Therefore, we try to do our best to increase milking and higher productivity for all farmers in the field of our livestock automation.

Calf care

Karen’s holistic approach to calf care ensures that each calf on a farm begins life with the best possible conditions and the best chance of growing to become a healthy and productive cow.
We have a wide range of products to ensure that a newborn calf starts life in a comfortable and healthy environment and that a healthy cow is given the proper nutrition to grow.
Our monitoring equipment is especially useful for ranchers who cannot be with the calf in person in the early days.

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